Monday, 7 April 2014

Show and Tell of Interrogation


Following the activities and on the day of Cait Sweeney’s show and tell session at the Old Station House. I interviewed a number of residents and they spoke to me of the memories evoked during the activities.

One such person was Fredrick John Griffin he recalled meeting his wife in 1946 at a football match in Culham .They made a date for the following Sunday to go to the pictures in Abingdon in the old cinema.  Abingdon Old Cinema


He also recalled that during the WW2 the GI’s were living under different rules. Fredrick remembered that the white Americans would go to the Corn Exchange to dance, yet black Americans would go to MG Social Club near St Helens Church.

He also spoke of his time in the Air force from 1948 – 1953. He was station in Berlin and the day that King George VI died. He and his friends had gone for a drink (or several). They fell asleep on the underground and should have got out at Potsdam but instead went on to Potsdamer Platz . On arriving they were met by Russian Solders with guns.

They found themselves pulled in for interrogation.

Fredrick will speak more in the short film currently being made.

With special thanks to:
Elizabeth, Betty and Joan -  Rock Around The Clock - Committee Reminiscence Team
Jeff Denton - Activities Coordinator 
Carol Flynn - Housing Manager 

Cait Sweeney – Assistant Co-ordinator, Documenter & Production Assistant Sharon Woodward – Filmmaker/Artist in Residence, Project Manager

Supported by Vale of the White Horse Arts Development Officer Abigail Brown.

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